Delete a lot of gmail

[Updated 06/11/2015 - new method!]

At some point in 2011, I decided to start reading the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML), so I subscribed to the list from my gmail account.

Those that know the LKML will know why my reading streak didn't last long due to the shere number of e-mails and the technical nature of them. The list has all patches and discussions related to Linux kernel development which can be very heavy going!

Fast-forward to 2015 and I realised I was running low on google mail storage...

80% gmail storage used 50 e-mails selected

... and after finding I had over 140k e-mails from LKML I thought I'd delete those and free up some space. This turned out to be a little harder than I had expected!

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Get Ansible to wait_for ssh

Whilst writing a follow-up to my last post, I noticed that Ansible was failing to connect to a newly spun up Linux server on the Rackspace Cloud and spent a bit of time troubleshooting the connection. All articles I've read using Rackspace & Ansible didn't mention much about ssh connection timeouts so I thought I'd put this together.

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Spin up a Rackspace Cloud Server with Ansible

Ansible is a configuration management, provisioning and work flow automation tool that is written in python. I've been playing around with for a little while and it's a rather refreshing change from the other configuration management tools I've spent time with (Puppet & Chef). Ansible is extremely simple to use and understand, so I thought it was time to write up some of my notes to help anyone getting to grips with using it on the Rackspace Public Cloud.

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A Keepalived VIP for Eucalyptus Node Controllers

In a Eucalyptus HA configuration there are two Cluster Controllers's (CC) which are in an active-passive state. One is in "ENABLED" mode and one is "DISABLED" mode. If a failure occurs, the active CC services moves to the secondary CC system.

If you combine this with Eucalyptus MANAGED or MANAGED-NOVLAN networking configuration with a private back-end network your Node Controllers (NC) will require a default gateway for access to external networks and to the Walrus service to download Eucalyptus Machine Images.

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